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Where I Want to Be

This is a motivational programme which serves as the first block of the Violence Programme currently being developed for the Norwegian Correctional Service. It can be run as a stand-alone module and primer for other interventions.

Target Group
Particularly suitable for those in pre-contemplation / contemplation stage of change.

Through an exploration of the 'good lives' model this programme serves to motivate participants to think about their personal goals and capabilities, how they have generally attempted to achieve these goals, and the problems they have encountered. This gives the a rationale for moving forward and successfully desisting from crime, by making better sense of their lives and through 'working out a different way to live based on a clear set of personal values and a coherent self-narrative' (Ward, 2002).

Programme Length
The programme is designed to be delivered in 10 sessions, with group sessions interspersed with some individual sessions. The group session design assumes a group of around 8 offenders participating in the programme. Whilst individual sessions are intended to take a minimum of 1 hour (although facilitators are encouraged to allow up to 2 hours for these sessions if necessary), group sessions are designed to take around 2.5 hours, including a break of around 20 minutes.

Ten tutors can be trained by one trainer, or twenty by two trainers, in five days training. Manual provided.