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Preventing Violence Programme

We are pleased to announce the development of a new programme suitable for violent offenders, due to be rolled out in November 2005.

Dr Linda Blud, forensic psychologist and co-founder of Alembic, is working with Dr David Thornton, Treatment Director of Sand Ridge Secure Treatment Center, Wisconsin, USA, to develop a new programme suitable for violent offenders. The project has been commissioned by the Norwegian Prison Service, but can be made available to other jurisdictions.

Target Group

The programme is directed at medium to medium-high risk adult male offenders whose current sentence is for an offence of non-sexual violence.

Programme Length

The violence programme takes around six to seven months to complete with a delivery rate of three to four sessions per week.


The programme is designed for initial use in a secure residential setting but with scope for adaptation for running in the community.

Programme Outline

The programme is organised into the following sequence of modules:

  • Block 1: Where I Want to Be (a motivational intervention based on the Good Lives Model)

  • Block 2: Smarter Thinking (problem solving and emotion regulation)

  • Block 3: Thinking Errors

  • Block 4: Relationships and lifestyle

  • Block 5: Towards My Good Life (action planning and relapse prevention)

There are two optional Blocks offering additional input on emotional regulation and social skills training.


One to two weeks training can be delivered by the programme designers. A programme manual and theory manual will be provided.