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Working with Resistant Offenders

An interactive workshop which provides theories and techniques to aid the delivery of programmes, addresses resistance and motivation - particularly in a group setting - and develops skills to assist working with and challenging 'Groupthink', the distorted thinking and decision-making process generated by consensus within a cohesive group.

Managing Feelings

Aimed at those who have difficulty working within a group setting because of emotion regulation deficits. Used as an optional precursor to group interventions designed to reduce re-offending, such as the SMARTER Thinking Programme.

No Problem

A cognitive behavioural programme intended to provide 11-16 year olds with the thinking and emotional management skills necessary to help them avoid social exclusion.

New Ways of Thinking

This portmanteau service offers custom-built programmes to address the needs of those who would benefit from an intervention programme where existing programmes are unavailable, inappropriate or too expensive.


A motivational resettlement programme, Signpost aims to provide 'seamless' intervention and support to short sentence prisoners during custody and after release. Signpost is managed by the Connect Project, West Mercia Probation.

SMARTER Thinking Programme

A programme targeting antisocial behaviour, which addresses thinking skills, social skills, emotional management and critical reasoning. Suitable for offenders in institutional or community settings, and those at risk.

Preventing Violence Programme

A programme directed at addressing thinking and emotional skills and support issues for medium-high risk adult male offenders whose current sentence is for an offence of a non-sexual nature. Developed for the Norwegian Correctional Service. ** Currently being piloted. **

Where I Want to Be

A motivational programme to be run as a stand-alone module or as a primer for other interventions. Included in, and delivered as the first block of, the Preventing Violence Programme.

Work Wise

An Employability programme designed to improve offenders' ability to gain and sustain employment. Work Wise is managed by Mendas.

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