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Welcome to the website of Alembic, a training and development resource addressing social exclusion. We offer a portfolio of interventions to sectors working with the at-risk and vulnerable, including:

Secure hospitals and regional secure units
Probation services
Young offender institutions
Agencies working with socially excluded and disadvantaged youth

Our purpose is to provide target groups from these sectors with the knowledge, skills and experience of strategies such as:

Thinking skills
Emotional control
Motivational enhancement
Responsible behaviour

These interventions are tied into a range of Programmes designed to improve the individual's ability to cope with short-term and long-term problems, and to deal with critical areas including:

Finances and debt
Attitudes and self-control

Alembic offers training in benchmark programmes of proven excellence, designed to address fundamental issues across a range of recognised group profiles. An exciting new initiative is the portfolio programme New Ways of Thinking , a tailor-made suite of interventions formulated to meet the needs of those target groups which fall outside the scope of 'off the peg' programmes. Consultation, training, manuals, videomonitoring assessments, support and backup are included in all packages, as required. Please visit our Programmes page for more information.

The Alembic team is experienced in writing, developing and delivering programmes to the highest standard across the public sector in the UK, Norway, Holland, Canada and the USA. All training is delivered by highly experienced qualified trainers, whose CVs are included in this website. You may be interested to look at Endorsements provided by some of our clients.

Alembic is a consortium of psychology and training consultancies whose members are:

LMB Consultancy Ltd: Forensic Psychology Services
YC2 Consultancy: Education Services

For Further information email: enquiries@Alembic.org.uk